Friday, 2 October 2015

Holy of Attire, Clenched by Nature

Here's something I've been wearing all the time lately. It pretty much goes with anything, and I love it as it makes me feel ever so slightly fit without actually being fully revealing, as I've never been able to feel very comfortable in anything without sleeves, or anything tight across the stomach, being shy about my body. I have just accepted it at this point, which is why I always wear a lot of sheer shirts over vests, or holey jumpers or kimonos, in-betweeny, not-too-revealing things like that. I quite like the compromise, although I do wish I could just unclench a bit and wear a sleeveless dress without a cardigan once in a while... I got this for £6 when I was volunteering at Marie Curie in Crouch End a few months ago, but I have found similar ones on Ebay herehere, and here. Still cheap :)

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