Monday, 21 September 2015

Outfit Post #3

I found this beautiful leather look dress in a charity shop on Clapham High Street a week or two ago. It was only £6! I just need an excuse to wear it now, need to stop being such a depressive shut-in... Might be going to visit Norfolk soon, to have a look around, because its a possibility that I might move there soon. London is just so expensive, and I have hardly any friends left here anymore. It's my own doing, for being so depressed and withdrawn since university ended, I've pushed people away over the past two years and I just don't know what to do with my life any more. I know a couple of people in Norfolk and it's so much cheaper, so if I can swing a job up there I could potentially be looking at rent per month that's equivalent to about a week here! It's ridiculous. It would be nice to not have to spend approximately ALL of my wages on rent, what a lovely and bizarre way of life. It's so strange to think of having so much spare money, even on minimum wage, for someone who's spent all her life in London. :)


  1. Hi Gareth here from can i suggest you start a twitter account? it's a great way of getting your blog out there to a wider audience! x

    1. ah yeah, I keep putting it off because I really hate twitter, I guess I'll have to at some point though! Are there many successful bloggers who don't bother with Twitter, do you know? if it's unlikely that my blog will grow much without it then I will hop to it :P thanks for the advice :)