Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Review: Eve Lom Cleanser

Holy fuck, this is one hell of a "Holy Grail" product for me. Believe me, I have never once in my life uttered the words "Holy fuck" in regards to a skincare product, but this one definitely earns it. It is remarkably expensive, at £55 for the pot, but thank the mysterious forces of the universe that I didn't actually buy this myself (Mumsy bought it for herself from Space NK and I sampled it and loved it, so she bought me one of my very own, which shocked and delighted me!). I would usually never even consider spending so much on a single item, especially having lost my job two weeks ago, but when this stuff runs out I might actually repurchase, because the thought of not having any, having gotten used to how good it is, isn't pleasant. Yeah, it's really, seriously lovely stuff.

You warm a small amount on your fingers and rub it on your face. It is kind of like coconut oil, in that it melts at skin temperature, and it removes all grime and makeup quickly and efficiently. It comes with a muslin cloth which you can use to make it a hot cloth treatment, or just wipe it off, lightly exfoliating as you do. It's very fragrant and luxurious. Having read that it has been described by Vogue as "probably the best cleanser in the world", I am entirely unsurprised, and entirely convinced. I would suggest that you sample it, because you'll almost definitely want to buy it after you do, ridiculous price tag be damned.

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