Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ebay Basket #2

Green question mark dress - £8.88... Blue scale dress - £7.40... Cloud print dress - £7.99... Galaxy print dress - £7.79... Tartan dress - £14.99... Lime t-shirt dress - £2.69.

Once again I am looking at stuff I can't currently buy on the internet. I have a bout 70 items in my Ebay basket right now, it's getting ridiculous... At some points I could swear that just having a big list of stuff you want is almost like retail therapy. Just storing them all safe in one place for when (or more likely, if) I can purchase them and hoping they don't run out of stock before then is weirdly soothing. I guess it's almost, semi retail therapy. Quasi-retail therapy. Just looking at sparkly dresses can help cheering me up a little bit, at least. Sometimes.