Saturday, 22 August 2015

Review: Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil

I bought this on a whim, really. I'm pretty straightforward with my face, the most complicated thing I do is my new thing of putting sun cream on instead of moisturiser in the morning. It's a recent habit I've been trying to form to try to make up for a decade of abusing my skin from not bothering to wash  my makeup off at night, smoking, drinking, partying all night and generally having too much fun. Well, now that I'm not having any fun at all i guess its a good enough time to start. It's working pretty well so far, just need to stop those bouts of obsessive skin picking...

This stuff feels lovely, and when I wake up my skin is noticeably more lovely. I'm a night time bather, though, so I'm not sure if this is going to get all over my hair in my sleep. Yesterday it was fine, when I tested it, but I really hate the thought of having to wake up any earlier for work to wash the grease out of my hair, it's bad enough that I have to go in the first place... We shall see. Anyway, its £6.66.

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