Monday, 4 May 2015

New Employment & Blue Eyeliner

Sorry for the shitty quality, can't find my camera lead!

So I finally got a job! I've been working at a medical recruitment agency for about a month now, as a compliance officer. I'm really loving it so far, the hours are a bit long and its really far away but it's a great vibe, a small team that's always laughing. Couldn't ask for better, really :)

Because it's turned out to be quite a bit more casual than I expected (I turned up in trousers and a blazer the first day and felt like a mug as everyone else was in hoodies and jeans, ha), I've been going back to dressing a little more fun and messing about a bit more with my makeup like I used to in my younger days. I can get the piercings I've always wanted now, and start dying my hair crazy colours again like I've always loved, without fearing for my professional life!

I've been wearing blue eyeliner a lot lately, it tends to pop more than the standard black liner, I like that it's classic in shape but with a bit of extra character :) The one I'm wearing is Barry M, and you can get it at Boots or Superdrug in a few different colours for £4.79.

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