Sunday, 15 February 2015

Review: Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, as I'm sure you may have noticed with all of the sickeningly saccharine or otherwise aggrieved posts all over every nook and cranny of the internet. People seem to fall into one of two camps; they're either gooey and excited, over-sharing their plans on Facebook and overusing the ♥s, or they're the complete opposite. I don't actually find the holier-than-thou-hateful types any less irritating than the first kind of person, as it seems equally important to them that the world is able to see their attitude towards the day, and they seem to play up their hatred of it. Look how nonconformist I am, I reject your petty Hallmark holidays. I am too deep for Valentine's day, I am above it! In fact, when scrolling down my Newsfeed, this type makes me groan much more often and more loudly than the harmless and sweet happiness of the other type.

In keeping with the romance in the air, I thought I'd review an unfortunately discontinued little lovely from Urban Decay, the Pocket Rocket lip glosses. I don't know how much they cost before they were discontinued because I bought mine over Ebay or Amazon (it was a couple of years ago, could be either). There seem to be quite a few shades floating about on those sites still, the cheapest I've seen is £4.99. They're nicely pigmented and very juicy. You have to watch how much you put on as this is the type of lip gloss that loves to get hair stuck in it, but the smell alone makes it worth it. They have this delicious burnt caramel or fudge type smell, I can't quite put my finger on it but it's beautiful and sticks around for ages.

And finally, my favourite aspect of the products - they're delightfully gimmicky! Each shade is named after the sexy models on the lids. There's a front and back view and they're holographic; you tilt the gloss, and their clothes come off. Gonna have to use that ♥ thing as it's the only thing that applies here, I'm afraid. Another gimmick that I don't think as much of is the pheromone thing as you can hopefully see in the image above. Apparently rubbing the plastic on the back of the tube releases pheromones. Come on, I'm saying bullshit to that. Other than that annoying little pseudo-scientific blip, these are fun and fantastic products, and they'd make a good belated Valentine's gift! I only wish I could get my hands on more of the shades on Ebay, but some are hard to find. The ones I have seem to be among the only ones floating about, unfortunately.

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