Saturday, 7 February 2015

Gift Ideas for Taxi Drivers

So on Friday (the 13th, oh my) it's mine and my dads birthday. It's kind of weird that we share a birthday, I must have ruined his day big time when I came along twenty four years ago during a blizzard, and from then on it was all about me, being slightly more of a kid than him. Sorry Dad. Although I'm pretty sure my mum induced labour using some bizarre old wives' trick involving castor oil as she was sick of being pregnant by that point, so it's not really my fault. Could have picked a different day, Mum. It's actually fine sharing a birthday, as I've never liked making a big deal out of it anyway. Usually our birthday induces a fit of bleak and crushing ennui in me, so it's good to have someone else's feelings at stake lest I decide to wallow in a pit of gloom all day.

Thermos: here
Keep Calm Card: here
Cap: here
Bumper Sticker: here
Anyway, it's always absolutely impossible for me to figure out what to get for my dad as the things he likes, he tends to like thoroughly. Any book on London lore or anything to do with the music he likes, and you can bet he already has it. And those generic mens gift sets from Boots just feel really crappy and thoughtless. So this year I'm going to think about it properly instead of having to resort to Boots at the last minute again. He's a black cabbie so I've done a bit of Googling to find something good. Above are some novelty possibilities, but what I really have my eye on is this book from Amazon. Well, we shall see.

Black Cab Wisdom: here

Might end up getting him a few bits and bobs, some of this stuff seems cheap enough that I can order more than one thing. And then I'm all sorted out until the next day, that just so happens to be Valentine's, which seems to exist just to annoy me. At least I have the Game of Thrones exhibition to look forward to the day after that. It'll be a good weekend.

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