Friday, 6 February 2015

Dental Dramas and Fantastic Films

My wisdom teeth have really been bothering me lately. It seems like as soon as I'm over an infection it's only a matter of days until they start killing me again. A couple of them haven't fully come out from under the gums and don't have the space to, so it's likely that I'll have to get them removed as they're impossible to clean properly and I'm risking antibiotic resistance with all of these repeated infections. I'm dreading it, I've heard some horror stories about wisdom tooth removals and I don't really feel like going around with a swollen face for weeks, but that's life I suppose. On top of this I found out that I'm a tooth-grinder. I had no idea that I do this, but the dentist told me that some of my molars are actually chipped from all the nightly grinding. I have to go in on Monday to pick up a mouth guard to wear at night, brilliant.

So here are some movies I've been enjoying while I've been feeling rough. Firstly, The Theory of Everything. I saw it in the cinema with Julian, it was beautiful. Stephen Hawking is one of my absolute heroes, and the film was a real tearjerker (Julian was snivelling away next to me). It's based on the novel by his ex wife Jane Wilde Hawking, Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen, so it focusses a lot on their marriage and its strains as Jane has to care for a man whose impressive success increases in tandem with his need for her care. Would watch again, and soon.

Next is The Canal. An Irish horror film released in 2014, it was utterly terrifying for all the right reasons. I am always disappointed by horror films; I only find them scary before the real horror is known, when it remains possible that it could be something real. The usual supernatural reveal is always a let-down for me, and the rest of the movie loses its scare value. This one, however, teases a terror that could be supernatural or psychological, and is shot with such an atmospheric and arty style that it remains gripping until the satisfying conclusion.

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