Thursday, 1 January 2015

The best site ever

Lately I've been so skint that I've been looking at things on the internet, wanting and wishing rather than actually buying anything. However, Katie recently reminded me once again of the best site ever, So maybe sometime soon I might be able to actually purchase myself something without feeling ridiculously guilty! I've been needing some basic flat shoes, the only pair I have at the moment are ragged old ballerina shoes that absolutely freeze my toes in this weather. It might take me a while to decide as I'm so unused to making these kinds of decisions these days... 

I guess it's time I should start thinking about resolutions for this year. I know it's a day late, but I don't really expect to get much done on time these days, I didn't even fully realise that it was New Years Eve until about an hour before midnight, I can be a bit oblivious. So I guess I'll try to quit smoking again. I'm confident with my E-Lites, they served me well for a good few months before and it was only the fact that I was moving in to a house full of smokers that got me started again. Better stock up then, I guess! Once my current bag of tobacco runs out, of course.

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