Friday, 2 January 2015

I need a Dollar

I had a meeting at the job centre today. There's nothing in the world that makes me feel more useless and shitty than walking into that place, but I just couldn't put it off any longer; my money is all gone and although I apply for a lot of jobs I'm finding it really difficult at the moment. I tried to avoid signing on for as long as possible but the fact that I spent three months in Australia recently means that I have zero in the bank, as of Christmas. Well, less than zero, I'm about £30 away from reaching my overdraft limit of £1000. I can't think about it without panicking, but I have one more year until they start charging me interest on that, apparently. If I haven't got a job by then then something is seriously up. 

So I guess that this is a review of sorts, of the Job Centre Plus in Wood Green. I know it's probably not their fault, as things get lost in the system all the time, but I have just had to drop them the same document for the third time in a month, and the fact that it officially hasn't been received at the Stratford Office (they send everything on over to them) means that my money is now over a month late. As they can't file my claim until they have everything they need, I've had to make three trips down there over a few weeks and each time was assured that the document would be filed and sent off, but I was still left without anything over the Christmas and had to borrow from my dad, which I absolutely hate having to do.

Hopefully it gets sorted soon before I have to resort to selling drugs or killing myself or something equally melodramatic. Even better would be if I could just get a fucking job so I don't have to deal with trying to squeeze pennies out of a lemon, or some other equally ridiculous and impossible thing. It would be very nice not to feel like a useless sponger, that's all I could ask for, really.

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